This is a drawing of two best friends sitting next to each other. It’s a black outline of the two, a sketch with few details. The friends have their backs to you. The one on the left is half-a-head taller than his companion; the one on the right has a tuft of hair spiking out from the top of his head. He’s resting his arm on the other’s shoulder. With their heads slightly cocked to the left, they both appear to be looking at something in the distance. Something out of frame.

Everyday superheroes

I know a guy who’s quick with a joke. And a guy who always laughs. 

I know a guy who can cook just about anything. A guy who can fix just about anything. 

And a guy who won’t break when it really matters.

One guy will do anything for his friends, almost to a fault. One guy refuses to give in, even if he knows he should.

Another loves to tell stories—one leans into deep conversations. 

I know a few musicians, they’re always down to jam. A few tradesmen, too. Hardest workers you’ll meet.

I know a guy who appreciates life’s simple pleasures. And a guy who puts family first, fully committed.

There’s a guy I’ve known most of my life. I could fish with him 24/7, 365. And there’s a guy who’s a third cousin—but he’s more like a brother. 

These guys are my friends. They’re intelligent, loyal, and talented in their own ways. 

And you know what?

They make mistakes. They face individual hardship. They fail.

But they never give up

None make excuses. All take ownership, admit when they’re wrong and embrace faults.  

They are everyday superheroes. Always there to lift me up—lift each other up. 

They’re who I look to for inspiration. They help me to keep building, motivate me to be the best version of myself. 

You know guys who are similar. Those you can depend on. Those who make life a little easier and a lot more fun.

The ones you go to for guidance and support. (Or a swift kick in the ass.) 

The ones who will be there in the end.

Your friends, the everyday superheroes.

There are three pencils, each with a broken tip.

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