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Who the F#@% is Cory Davis?

The Author of The Davis Daily and Freelance Copywriter and Content Marketing Strategist, that’s who!

What the hell is that, you ask?

The Davis Daily is a blog meant to inspire creative writing and encourage self-development. It’s about turning thought into action and creating growth beyond my comfort zone. It’s a collection of creative thoughts. A storage unit for the written imagination; a way of capturing the words within.

Something new is posted every day. You’ll find my daily journal, short stories, song lyrics, and even some poetry. Check out the videos section for Your Daily Dose of D, and my freelance portfolio is available upon request.

I look forward to sharing my journey as an aspiring writer with you and urge each of you to put the pen to the paper.  Strive to reach your goals, the ones that are held within and you only dream to let out.

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