You're looking down on a person sitting on the floor holding a laptop. The floor tiles are designed like a clock. The person is placed at its centre.

Give up on time management

It’s an illusion. 

Time. And our ability to manage it

There’s not enough or there’s too much. It goes by too fast. It goes by way…too…slow. 

You’ve heard it before:

  • Good things happen to those that wait
  • Things happen in their own time
  • The timing wasn’t right

Time ticks at its own pace – clocks differently for each of us, too. So stop comparing your journey to another’s. And be thankful for the time you have—with family and friends, from one breath to the next.

Time is necessary. A way of bringing order to something beyond our control. Beyond managing. 

But you can manage yourself (aka self-management, a term I came across reading Flourish by Claire Emerson):

  • Be methodical about where you direct your energy
  • Be aware of time-wasters like social media, email, and bingeing Netflix
  • Be mindful of what triggers procrastination (I’m tempted when facing an unfamiliar task)  
  • Be the protector of your bandwidth (I’m owning my calendar with time blocking)
  • Be the ruler of your day (I use a bullet journal to plan each day, week, month)

Self-management is recognizing when it’s time to buckle down (or back away). And consistently following through. 

It’s knowing when to go with the flow and when to go against the current. It’s how you stop yourself from being swept away.

Time is life’s currency. How will you spend it?

* feature image by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

There are three pencils, each with a broken tip.

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