An outline of a computer screen stands against a white background. “C.B.D. 3.7” appears on the screen in large text. “…still loading” is written below in smaller text. The image has a filter applied to it, making it appear as if there’s a bad single. Like a glitching screen, with faint lines raining down off kilter and colours blurring together.

The next version

Be you, human. 

That’s how I ended my last post

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Being human is ugly. Straight up. Successes and failures, growth and regrets. The good, the bad, the enormity in between.  

Life itself—what a fucking trip.  

That’s what makes you who you are. Your spectrum of experiences. 

And everything that’s happened up until now. That’s part of who you will become

Even the ugliest bits. (Especially the ugliest bits.)  

In my late teens and early 20s, I was a flake. I was foolish with money, lax with responsibility. I burned bridges, let people down. 

But some lessons are meant to be learned the hard way. And in their own time

They often come in the form of life-changing events. Being kicked out of school, losing a job, losing someone you love…

Would I change anything? I’d be a liar if I said no.

But that’s the human experience. That’s life. Blunt. In your face. 

Let it define you. Or choose to define yourself.

I made my choice more than ten years ago. To shape my future using my past. To become someone who spends money wisely (mostly):

  • Someone who takes responsibility seriously
  • Someone who doesn’t burn bridges
  • Someone who won’t let people down

To become a son my mom would’ve been proud of. 

Yes, being human is harsh. We all have past mistakes, things we wish had turned out differently. 

Shit gets messy. Really messy. 

But don’t be ashamed of the rearview. Let go of regrets. 

Let every experience serve a greater purpose. To help you create the next version of yourself. 

To help you keep building.

I’m on C.B.D. Version 3.7.

What about you?

There are three pencils, each with a broken tip.

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