Good things come to those who exercise patience.

A Lesson in Patience: Hurry Up and Wait

I first heard the phrase hurry up and wait during an internship with the production company, Untitled Films

The company had been hired to film a television spot for Great Wolf Lodge. My job was simple – unpack props and totes full of cables and electrical cords; move this and that from one spot to the next; and try to stay out of the way. 

And when the camera started to roll, “quiet on the set!” 🎬

It was during a brief respite from the donkey work when a fellow gruntsman mentioned in passing, “This is where we hurry up and wait.”

The term has military roots, referring to a battalion quickly moving into position but having to wait for the actual conflict to occur. The quiet before the storm, you could say. 

Work a day-in-the-life as a stagehand and the comparison is obvious.

As is true in many aspects of our daily lives – I’ve uttered the phrase many times since. Only recently, it’s taken on a new kind of meaning. 👇

It’s less about hurrying up and waiting and more about working efficiently and being prepared

Which brings me to patience…something I lack, I must confess.

Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash

Shortcuts lead to shallow success

Some pathways are longer than others [the awaiting battle is far from near], and if you try to walk in another’s footsteps, you lose your way [or give away your army’s fortuitous position]. 

It’s all for naught, the hurrying and the waiting, if you lack patience. 

The important things take their own time

☕️ Like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee: if poured too soon, it’s weak and watery; if roasted too long, it’s burnt and overpowering – a thunder cup, as my father would say. 

Momentum requires energy, needing time to build and create pace, while shortcuts lead to quick, shallow success. Meaning, aim for consistent output and incremental growth instead. 

Don’t rush; look to the future – overnight achievers and superficial superstars are a myth among the masses. 

Life is always on schedule but not always in your calendar. Control comes and goes – don’t force the natural flow. 

You know the drill, soldier, hurry up and wait.

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