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What Makes Life Worth Fighting For?

A loaded question. With an answer like an arrow shot through the heart of what makes existence necessary. 

Most days, I’m eager to take on the world. But if I’m being honest, there are times when I wonder if the struggle is worth it. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t a cry for help. It’s a call to arms. 

We’ve been conditioned to strive for success. We’ve been taught hard work and sacrifice are the only ways to achieve it. But that comes at a cost. Our mental health and our relationships suffer when we focus solely on climbing the mountain. And there’s always another peak to conquer. Another challenge to overcome. 

It’s an exhausting way to live. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson was quoted as saying, “It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.” He’s telling us to live in the present; cherish the fleeting moments and enjoy the experience.

It’s the journey that gives Purpose to our everyday battle. 

And sometimes, the weight of Purpose is overwhelming. It can tempt you to give up. But that’s okay. This isn’t a weakness. This is the universe telling you to take a step back and reorient your perspective. 

It’s a reminder to reconnect with what fulfills you: your family, your hobbies, and whatever gives you joy.

When we have something worth fighting for, we face the war willingly. And we all have reasons to keep fighting – even if we lose sight of what they are from time to time. 

Life is short. Stop worrying about outcomes, and start enjoying the trip.