My mom when she was young.

A Note to Mom

I thought about you today. I think about you most days. Your smile, your laughter, your kindness.  And how annoying your voice was when you’d yell at me to “wake up and get ready for school!” Sometimes, I think about how proud of me you said you were. Sometimes, I think of how disappointed you … Continue reading A Note to Mom

Thinking positively is a habit that helps wire your brain to operate with optimism

5 Habits to Help You Lead a More Positive Life

Did you know a scientific journal is only read by seven people on average?  This statistic excludes fellow psychologists, scientists, and doctors reviewing their peers’ work – students writing a paper requiring academic resources aren’t factored in either. But it does include the average Joe, Jane, or J.  Meaning, the majority of people in the … Continue reading 5 Habits to Help You Lead a More Positive Life