A weathered tombstone stands alone on a background of white. R.I.P. is written in large letters, while the caption reads, "Nice guy. Bit of a dick, but a nice guy."

What will they say at your funeral?

A morbid question. 

Let’s reframe. 

What do you want to be known for? What will people remember most? What legacy will you leave behind? 

There’s much to learn from your answers. And analyzing your life. The choices you make, past mistakes and successes. 

It forces you to look at how you live. How you treat others and how you react to chaos. How you carry yourself through the day-to-day.  

How you’re commemorated in death depends on your actions in life. Live it accordingly. 

Want to be remembered as a supportive partner, caring friend, and reliable colleague? 

Be genuine, be honest, be humble. Follow through on promises, show up when you’re needed (and even when you’re not), and choose selflessness over selfishness. 

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” 

Albert Einstein

Align what you say with what you do. And be aware of self. All three forms: 

  1. Your internal self – how we perceive ourselves
  2. Your external self – how others perceive us 
  3. Your hidden self – our true selves, which few ever meet

The goal is to blend each together, creating a superior version of you

Live the way you tell yourself you live, projecting it so others see you as you want to be seen. And open yourself up – don’t hide your true self from the world.  

You can’t control what others say after you’re gone. But while you still draw breath, you can influence their opinions. 

So, I’ll ask again: 

What will they say at your funeral?

There are three pencils, each with a broken tip.

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