An office desk is in frame. It’s the setup of somebody who works from home. On the right, three drawers are built into the leg of the desk. While a solitary leg holds up the left side. On top, there’s a plant with two long stems and several oval shaped leaves. It sits on the far left of the desk. In the centre is a large computer with a small mouse next to it. Then a mug of coffee, followed by an adjustable tabletop lamp on the far right of the desk.

Three years, 10,000+ hours: Three work-from-home lessons

I’ve spent more than 10,000 hours as a fully remote copywriter.

And you know what?

I still can’t tell you the best way to stay productive. Because one-size-fits-all solutions are bullshit.

Instead, here are the three most important things I’ve learned working from home.

1. Winging it won’t work

Multiple clients, multiple projects, multiple deadlines (multiple lives, really).

Distractions are everywhere. Without planning ahead, without structure and routine. It’s impossible to keep up.

How do I stay on track?

I live by my bullet journal. To keep me accountable and own my time:

  • I plan out each day, week, month
  • Track projects and goals
  • Monitor daily habits

Will it work for you? Maybe.

Winging it won’t.

Peep Matt Ragland on YouTube for more about goal setting and planning using a bullet journal.

2. Flexibility is a must

So is patience. 

Personal and professional collide when you work from home. And the unexpected is always urgent or important

Truth is, shit happens. No matter how well planned you are.

In the past, I would react emotionally when things went sideways. It would derail my day, I would step in the shit. Now, I try to:

  • Let go of the uncontrollable
  • Take agency over my reactions
  • Reason logically and adapt accordingly

Self-management is a superpower—learn to harness it.

3. Don’t forget to touch grass

Seriously, get the fuck outside. 

And socialize with other humans in real life. 

Don’t be a hermit (I say to myself). Your creativity and productivity will thank you. As will your mental health and well-being.

So just fucking do it (again, to myself). If you live and work in the same place—leave the place.

Working from home can be isolating, draining, and repetitive. Break the pattern:

  • Separate work and play
  • Go for walks (a dog helps)
  • Prioritize time with loved ones
  • Find a hobby you can’t do at home
  • Commit to time off and weekends away

Don’t complicate it

Winging it won’t work. Be flexible. And don’t forget to touch grass. 

That’s it, no secret hacks.

Just three simple lessons from that blue-collar copywriter guy

Thanks for reading.

There are three pencils, each with a broken tip.

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