A robot stands lifelessly against a white background. One of its eyes is larger than the other. Its pupils are glowing red. Its head and body are rectangular in shape. The ears look like wires with lobes. A.I. is written on the robot's chest, and red and green lights are lit where a human's heart would be. The robot's arms hang rigidly at its side. It’s standing still on platform feet and metal-jointed legs.

AI will replace you

If you’re a poser. 

Like you, I have opinions on OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Here they are.

Those who care more about volume than quality of output. The companies pinching pennies and the self-proclaimed gurus with their 4000-character ‘banger threads’. 

They’ll get found out. Already have.

They’ll fall into the Sea of Sameness. Spouting the same stuff in the same voice with the same POV. 

Echoes echoing the same soulless shit. 

But for you, and those of us who truly care about the craft—we’re irreplaceable

Because writing is personal to us.

So is everything we produce.

Writing lets us tell stories and share experiences, communicate and pass along knowledge (and opinions). 

Writing is an outlet for self-expression and creativity. It’s cathartic, it’s art, it’s the joy of playing with words.

It’s so much more than a way to earn a paycheck. Or build a following on social media.

Because we feel writing.

And your writing—your style, your flow, your taste. Your personal POV. 

That’s all you, baby. AI can’t replace that. 

ChatGPT is a tool. As are its content generating counterparts. And these tools aren’t going anywhere—they’re getting more powerful.

They will continue to disrupt our careers. Some businesses will cave to AI’s temptatious ways, and some of us might lose our jobs. 

But we will never be replaced.

Because we are writers, genuinely. And we fight for what we hold dear. Showing up every day, never sacrificing quality for quicker turnaround.

We will adapt, use AI to our advantage in honest ways. (The research capabilities fascinate me most.) 

We will survive. And thrive.

So lean into your individuality. Let it shine through in your work. 

Because that’s what sets you apart from AI. That’s what makes you more valuable to businesses who give a damn.

Be you, human.

That makes you irreplaceable. 

Keep on building.

There are three pencils, each with a broken tip.

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