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(Part 3) Three is the Magic Number: Third Time’s a Charm

Three is the Magic Number is a three part micro series focused on goal setting for the New Year (and beyond). Read Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s rare.

Instant success. 

Like hitting the bullseye with your first arrow. Or sticking to your New Year’s resolution, meeting annual goals.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”

Thomas H. Palmer, The Teacher’s Manual (1840)

Part 3 of Three is the Magic Number is a reminder to keep going.  

Few are perfect at anything. Especially in the beginning when failure lessons are more common than success. 

But clarity comes with each attempt. You start to figure out the game, see how best to apply what you’ve learned. 

You’re ready for round three. 

Ready to put in the work. Willing to bypass the hacks and shortcuts, to weather the ups and downs. 

You’re ready to forge your own path. 

You know consistency breeds results – results that compound over time. You don’t need immediate validation or instant gratification. You have the traits of a pro.

You’re focused on patience and perseverance. The practice of showing up, as Seth Godin puts it.

You try different things in different ways until you find what works. Then you repeat the process until you get it right.

And you accept reality.

You know you can be totally prepared, have all the pieces in place, and still fail. This is life, after all. It’s not always fair and much is beyond your control.

Shit happens. 

But things tend to even out in the long run. As long as you don’t give up.

Sure, sometimes it’s three strikes and you’re out. 

Sometimes, that’s closure. When one path ends, you find a new one. Armed with past experience.

It’s taken me a few tries to dial in this blogging thing. A lot in my life has taken a few tries, including my journey as a professional writer.

But that’s growth. Unfiltered. It’s messy and full of setbacks. At times, it’s demoralizing. 

That’s when you zoom out. Until the dips are less visible and the steady rise is more noticeable. 

Remember, lightbulb ideas and miracle successes are a sham. 

Every big moment is made up of a lot of little moments spread out over time.

Bringing us back to setting goals and your New Year’s resolution. Focus more on the process, less on the outcome, and keep it simple

  1. Always carry a map – use #My3Words to stay on track
  2. Set realistic expectations – follow the rule of three  
  3. Exercise patience – third time’s a charm

Here’s to the journey.

There are three pencils, each with a broken tip.

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