How you think and the way you view the world are related to self-improvement.

Think Differently: Open Your Mind to a Better View

If you go looking for the bad in the world, you’ll find it. And you’re likely to find more than you bargained for while you’re at it.

But why go searching for madness in the first place? 

When you narrow your focus on a singularity – a specific moment, object, feeling, or desire – that’s all you see.

Consider buying a canoe: before there’s a passion for paddling, you pay little attention to canoeists. But once you begin canoeing, the first thing you notice is how many paddlers are on the water. 🛶

Basically, you condition yourself to see what’s top-of-mind. Like Pavlov’s dog, in a way. Or in tech terms, machine learning. 

Social networks and algorithms aside, our brains are wired to make connections with that which holds our attention – and the more energy we dedicate to a single thing, the quicker our minds work to connect the dots. 

In other words, what we think about seeps into our subconscious, becoming a filter for the way we view the world. 

Of course, with a rudimentary understanding (at best) of psychology and knowing next to nothing about neuroscience, I take an unsubstantiated leap when making such claims. 🤷

Photo by Atomic Taco on Flickr

The Mind vs. The Machine

Let’s backtrack quickly to algorithms. 

The mind is a lot like the machine, albeit slower and more emotional. 

They’re both taught to remember, and as new information is downloaded, they become more efficient – honed like knives, with razor sharp blades and piercing tips. 

Almost to a fault (check out The Social Dilemma).

Again, if you go looking for the bad in the world, you’ll find it. Maybe it’s time to start searching for something else?

The mind, and the machine, are optimized for efficiency – there’s a reason why visualizing your success became a cliché. 

So, what are you looking for each day?

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