Better late than never

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Entry #8: 06.12.21

This week’s entry is a few days late due to a hectic work week. Sorry for the delay, folks! But shit happens; I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

In this edition of the Diary of Davis, I’m sharing a post I wrote a couple of months ago about focusing on less to get more, along with a selection of recent Daily Dose of D videos, and a handful of content I found inspirational and insightful.

Let’s get to it.

Why I’m focusing on less to get more

I find myself struggling with uncertainty about the Davis Daily and my ability to be a successful content creator. 

It’s one part doubt and one part impatience.

It’s been 6 months, 36 posts, and more than 30,000 words since relaunching the blog; and the results are nowhere near satisfactory

A lot has to do with the split between being a content hobbyist and working as a professional with a highly reputable creative agency. 

The long-term goal of the blog has always been to build a loyal audience to the point of monetization – building a following of small business owners and entrepreneurs who could benefit from my freelance writing services. 

And that is what led me to becoming a full-time copywriter at Alphabet® in the first place… continue reading.

Your Daily Dose of D

I was laser focused on work this week, which meant I didn’t have time to film videos. 

So here’s a blast from the past (the first video I uploaded ten-years ago!) and a tune I wrote for your listening pleasure. 

Aside from that, what do you think about this ad review on Dove’s Reverse Selfie?  

Finally, don’t forget that living with regret is worse than failing – be brave, take chances, and don’t be afraid to fall upward.

  1. Anne-Laure shared a 5-minute video on toxic productivity last week. It really hit home given my tendency to spiral when I’m not as productive as I’d like to be. One of those lessons learned the hard way, as Seth Godin so eloquently stated in his blog.

  2. Practice makes perfect, but perfection is a farce. James Clear says, “Too often, we fall into an all-or-nothing cycle with our habits. The problem is not slipping up; the problem is thinking that if you can’t do something perfectly, then you shouldn’t do it at all.

  3. I recently learned the translation of ‘carpe diem’ is misinterpreted as ‘seize the day’. The true meaning is ‘pluck the day’, which is more subtle and easier to follow through on.

  4. For creative inspiration, consider this: “The Muse is ready to surprise me if I show up every day and say, ‘wanna hang out?’” This quote was taken from from Austin Kleon’s book Keep Going and was featured in a post of his titled It’s not inside you trying to get out, it’s outside you trying to get in.  

  5. What We Leave Behind by Scott Galloway (the one and only Prof G) is guaranteed to get you thinking about your legacy – both personal and professional. His poignant writing never fails to evoke emotion and intrigue. I highly suggest subscribing to his newsletter No Mercy / No Malice.

That’s it for me. Thanks for reading, folks!

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