No Time. No Regrets.

Welcome to the Diary of Davis: a weekly newsletter to inspire you to embrace change in your personal and professional life. Written for regular yet remarkable people ready to challenge the status quo of the daily grind.

Entry #7: 06.03.21

This week’s entry to the Diary of Davis reminds you who to look to for inspiration when you’re lost, a selection of recent Daily Dose of D videos, and a handful of content I found inspirational and insightful. 

Let’s get to it.

Who to Look to for Inspiration when You’re Lost

When I eventually lay down on my deathbed and look back over the years, who do you think will stick out the most?

It will be those who had the greatest impact on my life. 

The people who lifted me up, pushed me forward, and pulled me ahead. The people who I’ve built deep relationships with. 

For me, those people are my friends and my family members; they are my coworkers, former bosses, and past teachers and mentors. They are the individuals I’ve known for years, and they are those I was fortunate to have in my life for short yet spectacular periods of time. 

They are the people I’ve had direct contact with… continue reading

Your Daily Dose of D

Living with regrets is worse than failing, so find inspiration from those closest to you and stop procrastinating

And because heaven and hell live in your mind, here are five habits to make you happier and more optimistic.

Likable and Linkable

  1. I recently found a new podcast on Spotify called Flow State. It’s designed to help you focus and be more productive during the work day—I’ve been really diggin’ the BINAURAL episodes.

  2. Another Spotify playlist I listen to while working is TPR’s Final Fantasy Melancholy Collection. It features the soundtracks from many of the Final Fantasy games covered on piano—it helps me find my flow with the added touch of nostalgia.

  3. The Farnam Street newsletter, Sunday Brain Food, shared a great reminder in last week’s edition: “Don’t fake it till you make it. Work until you get it.” Access to the archive is gated, so I can’t share the newsletter itself—but I highly recommend you get a free subscription!

  4. The movie Cool Runnings is a John Candy classic based on the true story of four members of the Jamaica Defence Force and their run at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Monday Morning Memo delivers some musings about the team in a past edition. What stuck out most is this:

    “You will never become good at something unless you are willing to be bad at first. But if you stay with it, things will be fine in the end. If things aren’t fine, it’s not the end.”

  5. How you choose to live life and where you direct your focus is ultimately up to you. But not taking chances is a choice many come to mourn. Live a life you won’t regret by avoiding these five things—and these biggest wastes of time

That’s it for me. Thanks for reading, folks!

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