And Here's... Your Daily Dose of D

And Here’s… Your Daily Dose of D

What’s happenin’, party people? 

Welcome to the Davis Daily. My name’s Cory, and here’s… your Daily Dose of D

Today’s post is to let you know I’m recommitting to filming daily videos. It’s also meant to hold myself accountable for actually hitting record each day. By stating my aspirations in public, there are more consequences for not showing up and shipping the work

In short, I’m trusting you to keep me honest.

Here’s the backstory: the Daily Dose of D started as an experiment almost two years ago. My boss at the time was telling me about Cat & Nat – two hilarious ladies sharing videos about life as a Mom – and how they created a massive online community by doing so. 

They’re doing quite well for themselves as a result. Among other various ventures, they have a podcast, run business courses, and sell products on their website. Oh yeah, they’re also raising humans and maintaining their marriages at the same time.

That said, their videos are pretty simple. 

Most feature the two of them in a car sharing ‘momfessions’ or #MomTruths, and the videos are typically around three-minutes long. Of course, both women are pretty funny, so not only are the videos relatable to most mothers, they’re also entertaining. 

Now, if you know me, you’ll know I’m not one to shy away from a challenge. And I also like to stick my foot in my mouth more often than not 

Cue your Daily Dose of D

After hearing about the success of Cat & Nat, I confidently proclaimed, “I can do that!” Naturally, my boss called bullshit.  

For the record, I wasn’t entirely serious. Accomplishing such notoriety is seriously hard work, but I wasn’t about to back down. That’s not how I roll, and I also had other plans brewing in the back of my mind. 

That night I recorded my first video: How to Apply Lip Balm – I told you I wasn’t entirely serious about it. After that, I posted videos daily for almost two months straight; the videos were silly, but I had a lot of fun with it. 

Other videos included: 

I told you, silly… Dumb is more appropriate. 

But I was working hard behind the scenes, too. 

Along with filming daily videos, I started writing regularly again. Soon after, I launched the Davis Daily blog, and then I began offering freelance copywriting services, which eventually led to becoming a full-time writer for one of Ottawa’s leading creative consulting agencies

If you want, you can read the full story here

However, once I started freelancing, I pivoted from posting silly and stupid videos to doing longer, more polished thought-leadership videos. It didn’t take long for the frequency to drop off.

And then I stopped filming completely. 

I wasn’t having fun anymore, and unless you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s incredibly hard to stay in the habit. You have to find joy in the process, even on the hardest of days, to stay committed. 

I’m not saying you have to be super passionate about it; in fact, there’s an argument to be made about why turning a hobby into a profession is a bad idea. But if you loath what you’re doing, creating consistency and longevity is an uphill battle that never ends. 

That said, I’ve always enjoyed making videos. 

As a kid, I filmed a ton of satirical shows with my cousin, including a cooking class and a mock episode of The Jerry Springer Show – I’m pretty sure the VHS tape with our epic content still exists. When I was playing in bands, I always had the camera rolling during our jam sessions, and I even had ambitions of creating a fishing show with my best friend. 

From a content entrepreneur’s standpoint (you can thank Joe Pulizzi for that term), my gut has always told me I should be investing my time in making videos – my intuition nudged me harder and harder as time went on. 

And from a marketing perspective, the power of video cannot be understated. The speedy growth and popularity of Tik-Tok is proof of that, and video ads on Facebook consistently outperform those with static images. 

The benefit of search engine optimization is also hard to ignore. YouTube is a video platform, sure, but it’s the second largest search engine in the world, too, with Google being number one. And guess who owns YouTube: Google.

I could go on, but I’ve bored you enough.

What to expect from your Daily Dose of D  

Aside from the hard-to-ignore innuendo, the videos are short – between two- to five-minutes long – and they are meant to be fun, like they were when I first started recording them. 

Similar to the Davis Daily

  • I’ll share my journey to self-improvement and professional development;
  • I’ll discuss writing and marketing, along with productivity tips and how to build better habits; but mostly, 
  • I’ll talk about the random shit that goes on in my brain. 

Just like this episode: What if God Was An Alien? 

One change in the format is I’m moving away from posting on Instagram and focusing exclusively on YouTube. I’ll share the videos on Facebook and Twitter, too, but out of all my social channels, Insta is my least favourite. It’s a waste of my time, which is hard to come by.  

So, if you’re interested in following along, slide on over to my channel and smash that subscribe button – don’t forget to click the 🔔 to be notified when I post a new video. 

That’s been your Daily Dose of D.

Thanks for reading, folks! 

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Photo by Aaron Burden

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