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Finding Meaning in the Madness: Your Guide to Growth in 2021

Welcome to the Diary of Davis: a monthly chronicle of curated content for self-improvement – written for aspiring freelancers, soon-to-be business owners, early-stage entrepreneurs, and anybody ready to make change and lead a fulfilled life. 

Entry #1: 01.04.21

Happy New Year, folks – congratulations for surviving the shitshow that was 2020Here’s to a brighter 2021. 🍻

As we begin the New Year (with some in lockdown part ‘duh’), it’s hard not to get swept up by all the madness – the pent-up frustration is palpable and hopelessness lingers in the back of our minds like a nagging hangover. 

But the Diary of Davis is meant to inspire, not depress. 

So, if you’re feeling confined or stretched to the last nerve, remember, all new beginnings start somewhere.

Why not here? Why not now? 

The present is the perfect time to decide what you want your future to look like. Ask yourself: 

🔮 What do I want most out of life? 
🔮 What steps can I take to help me achieve those desires? 
🔮 What am I in control of and how can I let go of the uncontrollables? 
🔮 Who can I ask and where can I go for help? 
🔮 And how can I help myself?

Start 2021 off with a renewed conviction in yourself and a stronger commitment to personal growth and professional development. 

That’s exactly what I’m doing with the Davis Daily blog and this newsletter.

2020 was a hell of a ride and it’s taught us a lot. It’s highlighted the importance of health and happiness and how dangerous it is to rest on your laurels. 

Which brings us to this month’s message: 🗣 never stop growing – embrace change and don’t be afraid of starting over. 

Photo by Daniele Franchi 

The Month’s Mind Material

🧠 January’s brain matter is a mix of productivity tipswellness advice, and insight into how to get your mind to think differently. Featuring: 

🗞 One newsletter to help you find more meaning in your daily work;
🎥 Two digital deliverables to stretch your wellness and flip your perspective; and
📝 Three blog posts (one by yours truly) to help boost your productivity and maximize your progress.

Some days must be dark and dreary – if only to make the lighter days shine brighter. A blasé beginning to 2021 means something better is on the way.

Here’s some content to keep you inspired in the meantime:

One Newsletter

🗞 Claire Emerson’s Flourish is described as ‘a curated newsletter for quiet achievers who need to navigate business and life.’ 

Sound familiar? It should – Claire is a huge inspiration to me, with actionable self-management advice and inspirational snippets from books, blogs, podcasts, and videos. She’s all about human nourishment and setting yourself up for success by using reliable systems. 

A definite must for freelancers and side-hustlers and those trying to manage working from home while raising a family. 

A Video + A Podcast

🎥 Yoga with Adriene, a YouTube channel for yogis at any level, is by far my favourite at-home yoga resource.

Adriene offers hundreds of free videos – from full-length, intermediate practices to short sessions for beginners – with a relaxed, authentic approach to her training. 

With almost 9-million subscribers to her channel, Adriene’s business model is a prime example of successful content marketing. Plus, she found ‘what feels good’ by chasing her dreams. 💡

As someone who was intimidated by yoga, Adriene’s videos made it easy to get into the flow of practicing daily. Well, almost daily…🤷 

The impact of yoga on your health and wellness cannot be understated. But don’t take my word for it, give one of her 30-day yoga challenges a try and see for yourself – send me an email and let me know how it goes!

🎙 The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish is a new find, so I admit I haven’t delved too deeply into the podcast yet. 

But The Knowledge Project is an extension of the Farnam Street blog and newsletter, which provide ‘timeless insight for business and life.’ And all three are packed full of advice on ‘mastering the best of what other people have already figured out.’  

You can be sure you’ll see more of their content in the future as I’ve already found inspiration to make smart decisions without getting lucky

And Three Blog Posts

🛩 The Pilot Piece: The Myth of Writer’s Block and Mediocre Work is a reminder that everything requires a first draft – don’t let the fear of producing subpar work stop you from taking action. 

“To get to great, you have to go through the good…and the bad.”


⌛ This is Taking Too Long by Tim Stoddart is short and sweet with one simple message: 

“Stop thinking so much and start doing the next thing in front of you.” 

🚫 Productivity is Really About What You Don’t Do by Jocelyn K. Glei shares a productivity tip from Jim Collins on how to stay focused in this Age of Distraction by creating a stop-doing list. What would you put on your list? 

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is very successful people say NO to almost everything.”    – Warren Buffett

Photo by Ky


🐇 Here’s a three-foot rabbit-hole-of-a-thought to finish off this month’s entry in the Diary of Davis

  1. On this day in history (January 4, 1936), Billboard Magazine published its first ‘Music Hit Parade’ tabulating the popularity of songs and albums each week—today, Billboard remains the top publication for charting music across a variety of genres. 
  2. Humans are drawn to lists (and charts) because we are bombarded with information day-in and day-out—lists are simple to digest and less taxing on our brains 👉 here’s the proof.  
  3. And unless you’re an accountant, there’s nothing quite as taxing on your brain (and your patience) than the stress of doing taxes—anybody want to help me with mine this year? 

That’s it for me, I hope you found something that resonated.

Thanks for reading.

Cory B. Davis

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