Practice your creative process each day.

Practice Daily – Publish Thoughtfully

In my last post, I touched on my ambitions to blog daily. I also discussed the necessity of a first draft – starting with mediocre work, to get to good, to get to great – and accepting the creative process.  

I’d like to further that thought in today’s post. 💭 

Producing something meaningful comes with fear. The fear that nobody will care. And it’s crushing, pouring your creative energy into something only to have it fall flat. 

So much so, the thought of failing stops us in our tracks – snuffing the flame of a new idea or pumping the brakes on a project.    

Which is why you practice in private. 

Just because you’ve accepted the necessity of mediocre work doesn’t mean you have to publish everything you create. 

Find joy in the work you do as a creator, but be selective about what you bring to your community – work through the average to discover the best version of each creation. 

I blog every day, but not everything I write is read by anyone other than myself. Some words don’t make it beyond my journals.

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

Get to the point already! 

In the end, stick to the routine and dedicate yourself to showing up every day – when you’re inspired, and more importantly, when you’re not. 

  • Create daily and stockpile your content—work in advance to stay ahead of the curve 
  • Continue to hone your craft—practice in private and improve each draft 
  • Curate your creative process—stay connected to your passion  

Prepare for the adventure; develop positive habits and fortify your mental wards. Remember, greatness lies on the other side of fear.

Keep going – you got this shit! 💪

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