Yin and Yang and that Other Thang (Part One)

Sometimes You Literally Just Can’t Even

At times, perhaps more than I’d like to admit, it feels as though my creative well runs dry. Not only that, I struggle to find the motivation to actually be creative, the desire to write lessens, and my work starts to lose authenticity.

You can call it writer’s block, but I associate it more with being burnt out. Being worn thin, drained of imagination, and weighed down by a mind full of molasses. As you can guess, staying productive and remaining inspired during these times is less than easy; the process starts to feel forced and the words become hallow.

My first solution was to seek out ways to keep writing and to push beyond my limitations. I was not successful, but I did learn something along the way: it’s best to just stop and take a break.

Let sleeping dogs lie and take a day or two to relax and reconnect – occupy your mind with a new task and allow yourself to recharge. Find a distraction from whatever it is that has brought you to the brink of physical and mental exhaustion and accept that you can’t always be ‘on’.

Sometimes you literally just can’t even… and that’s okay.  

This holds true for any creative outlet, sport, project, or hobby. A short absence and recharge are as important to the process as hard work and dedication; they offer the opportunity to reconnect with your inspiration or purpose and rejuvenate that internal drive to succeed. That said, be wary of falling victim to the subtle art of procrastination by keeping your downtime controlled and purposeful. It’s easier to keep the ball rolling than to move it from a standstill.

Here’s the best part, once you’re back in the saddle you’ll find fresh ideas, improved technique, and sharper skills appear. The effort you’ve put in – the blood, sweat, and tears – pays off and it all seems worth it again.

The ship rights itself and the sea returns to a calm.

So don’t be afraid to step away when things aren’t clicking. You have not been defeated; you are only strengthening yourself for the battle to come.

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