How Time Management Improved My Life — A Bullet Journal Story to Change

I’m Cory, a copywriter for one of Ottawa’s leading creative agencies. Of course, that wasn’t always the case.

Before, I was the marketing manager for a family-owned business working 6-days and 60-hours a week. Then I began freelance writing on the side, too – that’s when time management changed my life.

Let’s backtrack a little 👉 I’m a product of a blue-collar family from a blue-collar city. 

I believe you get what you earn – you can achieve anything you’re willing to work for. 

As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 🐢 Instead, I fell in love with content marketing and strategic planning. 

I like to write; I always have. Stories, lyrics, and poems became blog posts, marketing messages, and web content.

Finally, I believe in working to build something better than it was before – in business and in life.

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An unexpected reminder of purpose to a stagnant life

The Davis Daily stems from a passion for creating content – creativity expressed through art and information. 

But the catalyst was the stark realization that my career path had lost its heading. 

I went from eager graduate to managing one of Canada’s largest paddlesports centres. Life was good; I had a lot of fun, learned a ton, and I met a bunch of great people.

I was comfortable…too comfortable. 💤

I stopped challenging myself, and so I stopped growing (the resentment didn’t). Until the company decided to rebrand and hired a solopreneur graphic designer. 

During his pitch, when presenting the messaging framework, the lightbulb of an idea began to flicker – messaging is in my wheelhouse and that skill was being underutilized. 

The idea soon exploded like a crack of lightning 🌩 and with the crack of a joke – a smart-assed comment about becoming an internet sensation with daily videos by yours truly. 

Welcome to your Daily Dose of D!

Change was needed. And it was long overdue. 

The seed of a dream – becoming a full-time copywriter – planted itself in my mind during college. It grew over the years; nurtured by the odd freelance job, waiting for the opportunity to bloom.

During the aforementioned meeting, I finally recognized that my dream would never flower unless I did something about it. 

Unless I took control of my life.

So, I launched the Davis Daily blog and dedicated myself to personal growth and professional development. I implemented a routine that included: 

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly planning using a bullet journal—an analog approach to time management that offers a tangible connection to my to-do list.

  • A daily writing practice in the form of a brain dump—an unfiltered process of journaling a steady stream of thought for 45-minutes straight to rid my mind of ‘head junk’.

  • Consuming content that educated and inspired me to start the journey—as my knowledge and skills grew, so did my self-confidence and the motivation to put myself out there. 

And the more I put myself out there, the more opportunity I was afforded. 

Fast-forward, and I’m now a full-time copywriter – the dream has bloomed. But just like the metaphorical plant, it requires constant care to keep growing. 

By sharing personal experiences and the lessons I learn during my journey to change, the Davis Daily is meant to inspire your own adventure. 

Let’s get to it!

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